Real Mexican Food…Michoacan Style

If you claim to love Mexican food and your favorite place to get it is Romeo’s, you are sorely mistaken.  Corporate “Mexican” restaurants aren’t really Mexican at all, they’re Tex-Mex.

Here’s some clues to know is food is truly Mexican:

1.  Real Mexican food is never smothered in melted cheese.

2.  Real Mexican cheese is white.

3.  If you get ground beef, it’s probably not authentic.

4.  Real Mexican tacos are usually steamed corn tortillas, usually doubled (2 tortillas) about the diameter of a softball…they are never golden-colored, u-shaped, crunchy shells.

5.  Real Mexican tacos are also topped with onion and cilantro, and you get to squeeze the lime and add the salsa.

6.  If your food is served topped with sour cream, cheddar cheese, lettuce and diced tomatoes, it is not authentic.

If you ever want real Mexican food, go to 24th street in the evening and order tacos from a taco truck….or better yet come here and visit me, I’ll show you all about real Mexican food!

I always look forward  to going back to Michoacan because the food there is slightly different (and better) than here in Jalisco.  Every region has it’s own style of cooking, just like in the States.  Michoacan is known for it’s chorizo (spicy sausage) and carnitas (pork).  Carnitas are delicious because they boil down the fat for the oil to cook the meat in….I never said it was healthy, but it’s definitely delicious.   Here’s a picture of how they cook it:


For the most part there’s no real sanitation regulations in small towns in Mexico, so many people butcher pigs right out in th street.  My in-laws neighbor sells chorizo and other pork products and we were “lucky” enough to catch her on a day when she had a fresh product.

Yeah, that’s a pig head on the table.  You’ll often see taco stands boasting “cabeza” or head.  The meat is very tender.  They also use the ears for chicherones (fried pork skin).

mmmm, pig feet.  (that was sarcastic, by the way).  Apparently these are very popular, but I can’t get past the fact that pigs walk around in their own filth all day.

If you ever wondered what a bowl full of organs looks like, now you know.  On top is the heart and you can also see the pancreas.  All of this is used, almost nothing gets thrown away.

Now onto less disgusting things…

Ask your average Jose what the cure to a hangover is and he’ll likely tell you this:

…a michelada to drink and seafood soup to eat.

This tasty goodness is a michelada.  It’s basically a red beer, but 100 times better.  It’s ice, a lot of lime juice, beer, clamato (tomato juice with clam juice), Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt, and chamoy and ground chile on the rim….mmmm,  mmmm!!

That is one huge bowl of seafood soup!  It’s full of clams, oysters, shrimp, and even….

…a whole crab.

And this is what I love:

Fried fish with an ice cold coke!  It’s almost always served with mayonnaise for some reason.  Don’t forget the hot sauce….

But if you just want some good old tacos, there’s usually a lady nearby who can help you out.  This lady lives right across the street from my in-laws.

She makes the best tacos dorados (crunchy tacos).

This is how a real Mexican enchilada is made:

They are dipped in the red sauce and the fried in oil and then filled with mashed potatoes.  And the best part is they’re cheap!

I got 5 enchiladas, 5 tacos dorados, two hot dogs, and an order of fries for 38 pesos…about 3 bucks.

And that beats Taco Bell any day!

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4 thoughts on “Real Mexican Food…Michoacan Style

  1. Deb says:

    Your mom, Peggy and I were just at Romeo’s last week, As much as I would love to come visit I’m gonna stick with Romeo’s taroritas. haha.

  2. Deb says:

    oh I meant tacoritos, never said I could spell, just ask your mom,

  3. Cara Scott says:

    I LOVE your blog Jen! It is really cool to see the delicious food, and to see how different everything is down there. And now I really want a michelada!

  4. Interesting. I’m from Los Angeles originally and moved to Wyoming where there is no diversity from Taco Bell. I’ve begun making my flour tortillas (my husband didn’t know enchiladas were supposed to taste like that!) and want to move on to tamales. The drink reminds me of bloody mary and menudo on Sunday mornings when I used to indulge.

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